• I am Borbala Kemeny, professional Hungarian translator, proofreader and interpreter, living in Barcelona (Spain). I have been offering translation, revision, ad writing, phone interpreting and voice-over services since 1999.

  • My mother tongue is Hungarian and my working languages are: Hungarian, English, Spanish, Russian, German and Catalan.

  • My specialist areas are: marketing (fashion, cosmetics, electrical appliances, etc.), UI, business (legal, fintech) and healthcare.

  • Among others, I have been localizing marketing and UI materials for fashion labels, fintech companies, startups, mobile apps, energy providers, healthcare providers, restaurants and cosmetic brands, as well as translating documents for various Hungarian and international organs such as the Hungarian Ministry of Education, the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, and also private individuals.

  • My clients point out my timeliness, flexibility and responsiveness. I rapidly perceive client needs and adapt to the style and tone of the organization I am translating for.

  • In my experience, improved marketing texts lead to increased reputation and happier customers. If you are looking to enter new markets and bring your business to the Hungarian scene, feel free to reach out. I can help you to reach your target audience by conveying your message and adapting it to the Hungarian market.

  • Having started to learn languages when I was 7, I have developed a great passion for bridging the communication gap.

  • I have lived in 5 different countries. Currently, I am living in Barcelona, Spain.